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Sounds interesting? Then, babe, you’ve come to the right place!

Tantra &
YONi Workshops

Embody - get to know your body, explore your sexuality, and get in contact with your innermost creativity.


Crystal Self-Healing & Pleasure Tools

Discover the healing potential of crystal pleasure wands and YONi eggs.


Sterling Silver &
Crystal Jewelry

Empower your inner goddess with high quality handcrafted crystals. A piece of EYESEEi is your own magical power source for strength and grounding.


Hi, I’m Sanna, tantra yoga teacher and self-healing coach for the feminine body and the YONi.

(YONi is the female reproductive system on Sanskrit it means Magic portal.)

I offer group sessions, private consultations, treatments and online courses to help people with a female body find a deep and sustainable ease and pleasure in their body and being.

I started my own self-healing journey after I was diagnosed with Lyme, vulva vestibulitis, IBS and autoimmune celiac disorder in my teens. I’ve since traveled the world in search for a natural alternative from the conventional medicine, studying thousand year old practices ranging from traditional Scandinavian indigenous herbal wisdom, ancient Tantric yoga and Ayurveda, Dao practices, Shamanism, Breathwork, plant medicine and Chinese medicine.

The tools and products I offer are natural and authentic, and services are both knowledge based balanced with my own experiences from healing my body from vaginal vestibulit, HPV, battling digestive issues, going through an early loss of both my parents and becoming mother of a water born baby - future babe.

Do you want to learn more about me or how you can heal your own body?

I do personalized Self-healing classes and 1 on 1's for you who:

  • Want to heal you relationship with your vagina and female body
  • Have symtoms like vestibulit, vaginosis, infections or dryness
  • Want to experience orgasm or multiple orgasms
  • Have HPV
  • Want to get pregnant
  • Experiance hot flashes or nigth sweats
  • Want to get in control of your own female health
  • Want to feel more self-confidence and get to know your body on a deeper level