Workshops, courses, and retreats

at Holistic Mama Yoga in central Malmö, Sweden

4 week course, Tue or Wed, 17:30 - 19.10

YONiYOGA 1 - Female Power

‘Female power’ is a course with grounding, soft, and efficient exercises specifically focused on the female body. Through tantra-yogic exercises, you’ll establish a strong and healthy relationship to your body and learn how to heal and awaken the power and vitality in your genitals and pelvic region.

Course starts:
- Tue, 20 Aug
- Wed, 28 Aug
- Tue, 1 Oct

Malmö (in Swedish)
Workshop, 15 sep, 11:00 - 16:00

How to get started with your YONi EGG

Enhance the experience and effect of your YONi Crystal Egg. In this workshop, we use activating exercises and techniques to create a greater healing and pleasure from your egg. This is a really juicy workshop that will help you establish a wonderful relationship with your egg and give you hands on tips and excercises to get you started with your practise.

Workshop, 7 sep, 13:00 - 17:00

Holistic awareness in the menstrual cycle

In this workshop, we create an awareness around your menstrual cycle from a holistic perspective. You’ll get tools and exercises that can help shed new light on your menstrual cycle and create a deeper understanding around how your body wants to express itself throughout the cycle and how you can meet its needs.

YONiYOGA refresh square.png
Open class, 17.30 - 19.10

YONiYOGA - Refresh

If you have started your YONiYOGA practise with Sanna and want to refresh and update your practise in this is the class for you. Reaccuring dates through out the year. Same and similar class as in the ´Female power´ course with with grounding and juicy exercises to soften and balance your female body. Through tantra-yogic exercises, you’ll establish a strong and healthy relationship to your body and learn how to heal and awaken the power and vitality in your genitals and pelvic region.

- Wed 14 Aug
- Tue 3 Sep
- Tue 8 Oct

Malmö (in Swedish)

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Inspiration night

Would you like to get a taste of what YONiYOGA is and how it feels in your body? An inspiring night to meet Sanna and check out The Holistic mama studio and space in Malmö. For anyone interested in the YONiYOGA course and Sanna’s workshops and consultations. DATE COMING SOON!
2 day retreat, COMING SOON!


In this retreat you will get to deep dive into emotianlly and heal with ease, opening up to bliss and your full feminine power! opening your body to its full potential of energy and pleasure. Deep dive and maximize the contact with your inner pleasure. In this deepening retreat we will heal the maternal linage through meditations and YONiYOGA, do deep Breatwork jorneys, activate the pelvis and dance into expansion. Accessing your true YONi MAGIC and clearing anything in it's way! Welcome to the full potential of pleasure and wellbeing in your feminine body! MORE INFO COMING SOON! Stay tuned!

Private consultations


Holistisk Hälsokonsultation & Samtal - underlivsbesvär

(Holistic private consultation focused on pelvic imbalances)

En genomgående individuellt anpassad och inkännande session där du får effektiva verktyg, stöd och coaching i att balansera upp dig själv, din situation och kvinnokropp.

Du får individuell vägledning och konsultation kring känslohantering, kost och speciellt anpassade kroppsövningar, som du sedan kan ta med dig hem för fortsatt självläkning. Allt utifrån din situation och dina önskemål där du får möjlighet till individuellt anpassade övningar med ett YONiÄGG/ underlivskristallägg. Du får även vägledning i olika kroppstekniker, finjusterad egenmassage för ökad fertilitet och självläkning.

Efter sessionen börjar Sanna att sätta samman en specialanpassad självläkningsplan för dig med individuella rekommendationer och vägledning. Du kommer få det där lilla extra med din helhet som fokus för att säkerställa din individuella plan blir så anpassad efter just dig och din hälsa som möjligt.