For babes wanting deeper self-love


Empowering women to sustainable self-love and bodily pleasure

The female body is incredible, multifaceted, full of potential and natural energy just waiting to be tapped into. The female body is cyclical and needs to be tended to accordingly, yet we live in a linear society where masculine yoga is the norm and results is the only measure stick. A society that’s keeping our female bodies from reaching its full potential.

Our bodies are extremely intelligent and hold so much ancient wisdom that we can tap into by finding the right tools for our bodies - with pleasure and comfort as the two foundational intentions. This is exactly what I want to offer: the consciousness and the rituals our female bodies are longing for, to help them be heard and met.

Connect with your body, awaken her, create a loving relationship with her, with yourself. Let her live fully. It all starts in our bodies - desensitizing ourselves is true healing!

Can you hear her? She’s calling you!

/ Sanna Aulén, founder of EYESEEi

Your own piece of

empowering magic

I always wear certain jewelry and crystals during my period and other parts of my cycle and life. The EYESEEi crystal jewelry has that magic potential of empowering you in different stages of your life and cycle.

Each handmade piece of EYESEEi jewelry is unique with carefully selected materials and the highest quality crystals sourced from around the world. When combined with the sterling silver, the contrast of the natural earth crystals with metallic elements demonstrates the balance and diversity found in nature.


Yoga studio, YONi STEAMING room and tantric workshops in central Malmö

The classes I offer are held at Holisitic Mama Yoga in the heart of Malmö. It’s a bright and cosy space with a treatment room to enjoy a warm balancing YONi STEAM and a beautiful boutique dedicated to the completly to the female body. Visit our shop, join a course or workshop, or get a private consultation - our studio is an empowering space for everyone seeking healing and extended pleasure in their female body. Welcome sister!

It is every woman’s right to be authentic, live their lives to the fullest, and not be limited by society.
— Sanna Aulén, founder of EYESEEi

A little bit about me

My name is Sanna Aulén, tantra yoga teacher and self-healing coach for the feminine body. I’ve been on a spiritual journey and healing mission from childhood, obsessively studying different mystic and healing modalities like Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Wicca, Shamanism, Taoism, crystals, nutrition, herbs - you name it!

Over the years, I’ve lived through my own hell and rise from the ashes. As a teenager, I got sick with Lyme and a long undiagnosed autoimmune Celiac disorder. I was also diagnosed with HPV, PMSD and vaginal vestibulitis - both of which I self-healed. Some years ago I lost both my parents and my home. Filled with grief and emotional chaos I started traveling the world while studying what I am now teaching other women.

Today I’m 34 years old and mother of a tiny water born human and future babe. I have my base in Malmö, Sweden, where I proudly support women in finding their own deep sustainable pleasure in their feminine bodies. I work with groups, one-on-one, and online, offering tools and practices that are authentic and based on self-experienced symptoms and recovering.

Would you like to learn more about how you can heal your own body? Don’t hesitate to get in contact and we’ll find a solution that works for you!